Izmir Institute of Technology the Faculty of Science houses five departments, namely, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics and Photonics. The medium of undergraduate teaching is 100% English. After one year of preparatory class (except for those who are exempted), students can start their four-year education directly. Izmir Institute of Technology Faculty of Science undergraduate programs are ranked among the forefronts in the selections of candidate students due to a rich infrastructure that fosters experimental studies and an academic faculty trained in national and international leading universities. The rate of admission to national and international master of science and doctorate programs of graduates of IYTE Faculty of Science is quite high.

The Faculty of Science

2021 Lowest

2021 Highest

Department of Physics287,89399,32
Department of Photonics258,18298,72
Department of Chemistry270,36357,58
Department of Mathematics269,76353,51
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics395,97420,62

In the scope of Erasmus programs, students are given the opportunity for summer internship and eduation for one-to-two semesters in the EU and candidate countries in order to gain professional experience and growth. All graduates are presented with an IYTE diploma that carries a “diploma supplement label” approved by the European Commission. The Diploma Supplement Label is a form designed to attain common and standard information about diploma and degrees of the European Union’s Higher Education Institutions.