Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science consist of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics and Photonic Departments. All departments offer undergraduate and graduate programs. The newly established Department of Neuroscience will implement a graduate program soon.

The Faculty has 135 academic staff and 23 administrative staff.

The total number of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs are 748 and 323, respectively. Consequenctly, the Faculty of Science carries out its educational activities with a total number of 1071 students in 31 classrooms and 46 laboratories.

The Faculty is situated on a wide field with a 32.000 m2 closed area consisting of A – B – C Blocks, Classrooms and Departmental Buildings such as Mathematics, Physics and Molecular Biology and Genetics.

The Faculty of Science is centrally located on the campus with the Urla Dormitory in the northern side, the Central Dining Hall in the southern side and the Library on the eastern side.